Triplett Will Help You Save Money on Your Home’s Energy Usage

Understanding your home energy usage is the first step towards reducing your gas, water, or electrical utility bills and your impaEnergyUseChartct on the environment.

As energy cost increase, whole house energy efficiency plays a more important role in reducing the cost we pay to operate our homes. The chart on the right provides a breakdown of the energy usage in the average home.

At Triplett we strive to provide you with energy conscious products for your home or business that will help you use energy wisely, while helping reduce your environmental impact.

As you can see by the chart, heating and cooling your home or business and heating the hot water you use on a daily basis account for 60% of the average family's energy usage.

Heating and cooling typically cost the average consumer over 46% on their total energy bill. If your heating or cooling system is over 10 years old, your system is using much more energy than it should. We can provide our customers with energy efficient heating and cooling products such as high 20+SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) heat pumps with HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factors) of over 8.5 and gas heating equipment with up to 98% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency).

Water heating accounts for approximately 14% of your total energy bill. Older water heaters operate at a very inefficient energy level before they finally fail. An energy efficient water heater can save you a considerable amount of money depending on your total hot water usage.

Toilets account for almost 30% of your water consumption. Water saving faucets and low water consumption toilets are another way you can lower your water consumption which will result in a lower water and sewage treatment utility cost.

At Triplett we will work with you to determine how energy efficient heating and cooling equipment, high efficiency water heaters, water saving faucets and toilets can save you money. Call 757-397-8351 or email us today to schedule an appointment.

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